A Love Story I Never Imagined

So basically I was caught up on the greener grass things and he was Kanye West’s soulmate. In my once upon a time teenage girl days, I envisioned locking hands with someone whose values mirrored mine, whose hopes and dreams perfectly fit my fairytales seamlessly. So you can just imagine my screeching reality check when…

The Pursuit of Passion: Jo Takes a Leap

After enduring a crippling working situation for almost 10 months, I needed the monotony to end. Purpose, passion and peace of mind was what my heart craved for and my flabby creative mind was due for a workout. Here’s my journey out of this situation and a pursuit of passion.

Fear: Real or Choice?

I remember it well. I was almost a fetus again. My toes were clenched into little fists. My five year-old legs were packed together tightly by my little arms. With my back almost glued to the wooden door, I sat terrified outside the room where my father was doing his daily exercise routine. A loud…

Colouring the Mundane: The Work Edition


Loud clanging of cymbals reverberate through what was my silent atmosphere. My eyelids are so heavy that with each blink, I hear the effort. I try to inwardly bargain with reality… “Is it really 4:00 a.m?” “C’mon I just pee’d and closed my eyes like 2 minutes ago.”