A Love Story I Never Imagined


So basically I was caught up on the greener grass things and he was Kanye West’s soulmate. In my once upon a time teenage girl days, I envisioned locking hands with someone whose values mirrored mine, whose hopes and dreams perfectly fit my fairytales seamlessly. So you can just imagine my screeching reality check when I realized my soulmate was nothing that I expected. He was everything I am not and I guess therein lies the beauty. Could you just imagine two persons high on optimism living within the same household forever? I don’t know but that sounds pretty annoying to me lol.

The bottom line is: Our differences in all it’s disharmony interlocks and creates this beautiful complicated melody.

I can go on and on about my love life but I choose not to today.

Instead, here is a poem of love dedicated to my NOT so better half but my 3 wholes and a quarter who still manages to complete me.



As a little girl… me… I found love in the little things,

Cute bows and pink dresses

Pigtails and runny noses

Love meant… well.. tearing gift paper off boxes on a Christmas

Morning to see the doll I that I wanted…

Love meant sharing my pack of tablet sweeties with Antonia…

One for you and One for me… one for you and

One cup of milo on a rainy night with marshmallows floating atop

What a love! Thanks Mummy…

Love… it meant stars from my teachers

Standing on Daddy’s toes as we danced down the corridor

It meant wet, slobbery licks from my good ole dog Robo…

How loving was he… you see

Love meant… anything… once it made me happy…

But as I grew older, so did my definition of love,

Because it no longer meant something I can touch…

Something that I can see

Love… went beyond the sense of tangibility

But one thing more than the idea of love that I adored

Was when it becomes a reality?

When the ideas of love in my head developed into a real love story…

Especially when two lost persons now found compatible hearts in the crinkles of each other’s smiles.

When homes of warmth and comfort were built in the hugs of each other’s arms

Outstretched wide enough to hold on to you and me

Like God’s ability to love all of us… unconditionally…

When those two people were bounded together with cords that cannot be broken,

Where deep within their foundations were similar dreams and aspirations.

When their hopes flew high like eagles

Unable to be touched by the world’s evils

And when they both realize that paradise… a honeymoon depended on their sweet reliance of God’s word

And that love is written for those who are worthy enough to trust that.

Two people… willing to sacrifice pride in face of mistakes

Filled with grace enough to be accepting of each other’s faults

And so enamoured to be willing to work problems out….

Especially when it’s not easy like 1, 2, and 3

But more like 10 divided times 3 to the power of…. Oh nevermind

Sighs… love…. Within the limitless boundaries there lies

No fear….

No lust…

No distrust

No selfish ambitions….

No vile intentions

Love…. The feeling of the release of butterflies in their stomachs

Fireflies in eyes and that moment when their fingers locked with the hands of each other

And in their own quiet… apart

Her… hands clasped before the Lord, praying that the one who was holding her hand is an answered supplication.

His hopeful eyes wishing upon that shooting star, that she will be a apart his constellation…

The only star in his sky…

This is the amazing love…

It’s patient and kind kind of love

Its that kind of love

Its does not envy nor does it boast

It is not arrogant or does it insist on its own way…

It does not rejoice at wrong doing but rejoices in the truth

Love… It remains…

Love it sustains

love… it bears all things …

Hopes all things

Endures everything…

A God- positive type of love…

What an amazing revised definition of love!


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