Colouring the Mundane: The Work Edition


Loud clanging of cymbals reverberate through what was my silent atmosphere. My eyelids are so heavy that with each blink, I hear the effort. I try to inwardly bargain with reality… “Is it really 4:00 a.m?” “C’mon I just pee’d and closed my eyes like 2 minutes ago.”original

Nope. I went to bed almost 5 hours ago but morning seemed to be rude enough to be the thief of the night.

*takes a deep breath*

“Must we adult today? ” “Must we gluttonously indulge in our 8 to 4 routines again?”

Despite feeling like I’m enduring a solo challenge my water taxi friends (the persons you see all the time and you give a shy smile to despite you never say a word) silently share the mutuality of it all.

I watch our faces… dry. Sleep dribbling on the corners of our eyes and out of the corners of our mouths. A sudden bellyful snore, like my clanging alarm jolts the passenger on the other side. Salvaging wisps of sleep on our boat ride from San Fernando to Port-of-Spain is almost pointless…

Then in a quick 45 minutes…

“Please listen for your section in order to exit the boat….

Section 1 to the back of the boat…
Section 2 …”

Like programs, we listen for our instructions and shuffle off the water-taxi. Our eyes are overflowing with the painful expectation that it will be done tomorrow… the EXACT same way. 051515EIG_routine_fiZK4Qh


Now you may not endure the same water taxi “drone-dom” but you know what it feels like to be bogged down by routine. You know the experience of feeling like someone pushed your forbidden auto-pilot sign– art project to history project, biology coursework to chemistry course work, mid term exam to final exam, job meeting to work deadline and financial year 1 to financial year 2.  Yes… you know it!

But now that you do, my questions to you are: Do you intend to do this everyday for the rest of your life? Are you planning to immerse yourself in an un-stimulating, insipid, repetitiveness and predictability which has the potential to resonate in other areas of your life? If your answer to those questions are ” Hell no” or simply “No” then my final question is: What are you going to do about it?

Dear Readers,

I’ve concluded that there is NO way that I would allow in my life, a stagnation of my imagination or spirits because of an interminable wheel of monotony. It’s NOT happening NOW, its NOT happening ever and because you yourself are filled with colour… you shouldn’t either. You may not be gifted with the dream “never-work-a-day-in-you-life” job just yet but it doesn’t mean that you should let the mundane routine turn you into 50 shades of boring.

The simple solution is: FIND WAYS TO ADD COLOUR!


For me, I’ve decided to engage in my passion of writing and other hobbies. For you it may be, hanging out with your buddies after work or every weekend.

(Warning: Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram daily is a mutilation of your brain cells and it should not be considered as adding colour!)

In case you can’t think of anything, I’ll give you a few suggestions to start your creativity process:

  • Set a challenge for yourself which has no association to your conventional everyday routine. Let it be a project of pure and passionate personal satisfaction and self-approbation.
  • Often, travel to a place you have never visited before. It does not have to be insanely exotic or across the five oceans. It could be a town next door that you have never got around to exploring. For persons in Trinidad and Tobago, Southies… head to Toco or our sister isle, Tobago. For the Northies… beyond the light house. There is so much to see!
  •  Update your wardrobe. The power of simple things is too under-rated.
  •  Express your creativity. It could be anything from trying out a new a recipe to painting. When last have you filmed something, wrote poetry, a song… choreographed a dance.

Gosh! You get the point… JUST ADD COLOUR. A plus for your employers is that they get happier-go-luckier productive employees. tumblr_m22b2iCz3d1rsq54uo1_500

You’ve come too far in life to allow the routine of work-life suck your colour into a timeless vortex.

Colour it now!

Colour it ever!






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